Our Story

At Kumar's, we aim to bring you, the most authentic Indian food by recipes straight from the roots of south Indian villages.   We call ourselves the "village" cuisine.  Back in Indian villages, the food is made with ingredients that are made fresh from ground up.  No artificial pre-packaged ingredients, no food color, no MSG! Everything is made fresh from the natural and organic ingredients at home.  Our motivation is to bring this delicacy to the world, at the same time providing some favorite dishes of the locals as well.  In simple words, bringing the "mess" food from southern india to the west.

Wondering what we mean by "Mess"?  It's definitely not the 'chaos' kinda mess that first comes to your mind!  Back in India, there are these small home style authentic restaurants named "Mess".  It is the short version of "Mess Hall", that refers to a place where a group of people eat, hang out and socialize.  Some say the actual origin is from mess hall where the military personnel eat, while others believe "Mes" is from French, meaning a portion of food.  Whatever it is, here at Kumar's - you are in for a feast!

Private Events

Catering: Planning a party? Or a family event? We love to cater for parties and gatherings!! Just call us to let us know how many people you're planning and what you would like to eat and we'll make sure you have a feast! We specialize in catering to all kinda of occasions from birthdays, baby showers to office lunches, corporate events, etc. We would also love to do an onsite dosa party with an outdoor grill. Texas weather is just perfect for that.

15803 Windermere Dr #206, Pflugerville TX 78660
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